Sell your home in 7 days!  Cheetah can help you get your house sold fast.  Our team will work with you to easily and quickly list your home on our auction platform.  Do you love the Cheetah option?  Ask us about becoming a AAA certified Cheetah agent and let your clients know that you are experienced and qualified to offer a modern and swift solution for their real estate needs.  Ready. Set. Go.

How Do I Get Started?

You can use the AAA Realtor Portal located at our main menu to navigate through the entire process.  To list a home with Cheetah, you will begin by submitting the inquiry “Does my House Qualify?”  The auctioneer will submit to you the proposed starting bid price for you to present to your client.  We will also provide you with a AAA Starter Kit.  Our AAA Starter Kit will outline the quick easy steps to completing the process. Once the homeowner has approved the numbers, the auction will be loaded into the site to go live.   At this point, the auction will remain live for 7 days.  Listing information should also include your headshot or company logo and contact information.

What Else Will be Required From Me?

After the home has been approved by Cheetah, you will need to provide a copy of the signed listing agreement, sellers disclosure and T47, survey and pre-inspection.  The homeowner will pay for the inspection.  This cost can be deducted out of the proceeds of the sale if necessary.

What About Showings?

During the auction duration, you will determine if you need to host an open house.  Open house is good for homes that are currently occupied.  You will open for 2 hours, and will need to refer to the Open House kit for processes and what to expect.  You will have a bid crowd!

You will need to prepare for a large volume of phone calls.  We can provide a script for an automated answering service which we recommend for agents with multiple Cheetah listings.

Let’s Get Started.

Once you receive the AAA Starter Kit, you will have more details and a step by step guide.


Buyer Representatives

Your buyer will register with Cheetah as a bidder.  They must do their own bidding.

Get Ready for Closing Day!

You will need to confirm that funding is available.  These homes are as-is no contingency no option homes.  So, prepare your buyer ahead of time!  A non-refundable hard deposit of 5% of the sale price, or hammer price, will be due the day the auction closes.

Once the auction closes, the auctioneer will provide the buyer information to you, and you may then contact the buyer to finalize the transaction with a TREC sales contract.

Do you still need help?  Ask our Cheetah Concierge for assistance.

Does your home qualify for Cheetah?

Do you need to sell your home quickly? Cheetah is simple, smooth and fast. We can sell your home in 10 days. Click here to fill out the inquiry form and find out if your home qualifies to be a Cheetah auction home.  Ready. Set. Go. 


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