About Us

The National Association of Realtors says that real estate auctions are a growing trend and a win-win for everybody.  We offer speed to the seller, while hosting a competitive open bidding scenario.   The result is a fast sell with the best possible market value sale price.

Typically, ibuyers will offer 70% ARV after repairs.  At Cheetah, we are achieving 80-90% ARV after repairs.  Are you in a hurry to sell your home fast?  Don’t accept the first offer you receive from an ibuyer.  Let the general public submit their offers through a competitive open bidding platform.  This process allows the seller to accept the highest bid, all in a short 7 day period of time

By the way, we love Realtors.  This option allows you to offer a quick solution for your client, competing with the ibuyer, along with the highest price the market can support.  The best part is, you get paid your full commissions!

Welcome to the new way to buy and sell real estate. 

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